Graphic Design Students Design Mural for Children’s Hospital

  Graphic design students at a Canadian college recently learned how much of an impact they can have on the world when they created a mural for a children’s center. Interiors, including architecture and décor, can have a huge impact on the mood. This is especially true in medical settings, where architecture, interior design, and graphic design can come together to create spaces that are … [Read more...]

Graphic Design School Incorporates Code into Curriculum

As far as technology goes, many graphic design schools stick to the programs that are useful in the realm of visual art. But RI School of Design’s Digital and Media Department is taking the education of future graphic designers to a new level of understanding by teaching them the other side of visual communications: coding for digital media and publication. Coding is something generally left to … [Read more...]

Bands Reaches out to Graphic Design Class for Posters

Graphic design classes are a great way for students to learn about the art, but they are no replacement for real-world practice. Students who are afforded the opportunity to participate in community programs and work for local businesses while in school learn about dealing with real clients. Problem solving skills are critical to success as a graphic designer and projects like Drastic Measures … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Class Opens Popular Design Shop

Longwood University had a bit of a surprise when a project that was designed to help students in graphic design classes work with the public on real-life graphic design projects. The program’s coordinators wanted to start things slowly, but they soon found that students were excited about the prospect of working in the school’s graphic design shop. The school’s student paper published an … [Read more...]

Students Admitted to Program Based on Graphic Design Class Scores

One graphic design school is making access to a graduated program a fierce competition among students. The university of Georgia currently enrolled in a class where the outcome of their final project decides who gets into the next phase of the curriculum. “Of the 32 students enrolled in the graphics design survey classes at the University, only 14 are chosen to enroll in the major. The arduous … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Students Appreciate Tough Professors

Graphic design school is challenging, which is one of the many reasons a good education from an accredited college is an important step for any would-be graphic designer. Students find that registering for classes can be as stressful as the curriculum itself, but thanks to some hard-nosed teachers those students are grateful for their choices later one. Teacher Wendy Shapiro recently lifted the … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Exhibition Samples Artistic Style

For future students of graphic design, exhibitions offer a unique chance to peek into the world of graphic design schools and get a glimpse of the quality of work that they can obtain. Years of hard work at a graphic design school typically culminates with a senior exhibition, which gives students a chance to showcase their work through a collection of graphic designs. Exhibitions are generally … [Read more...]

Graphic Design School Portfolios – Reviewed by ADC

Each year in graphic design schools around the country, student designers are working hard to build their portfolio – a file full of designs, plans, and accomplishments that will help them land jobs following graduation.  Some students need to begin building their portfolios from their first year in school so that they can then apply for graduate programs in the future. Students need not wait … [Read more...]

Competition Now Open for Students of Graphic Design

The  Taiwan International Design Competition is now calling for submissions from students of graphic design schools and professionals. The Taiwan International Design Competition entering its 11th consecutive year. In the 11 years of its existence, it has received tens of thousands of entries from nearly 50 countries. International design authorities are invited each year to serve as our … [Read more...]

Graphic Design School Hosts Conference for Teens

Graphic design students and instructors recently held a conference in Salt Lake City for teenagers who might be interested in the field of graphic design. Although high school students across the nation are becoming more and more exposed to computer systems and design principles through vocational programs in web and graphic design, many are overwhelmed at the prospect of design. - The … [Read more...]