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Graphic Design Students Need Help with Mural

Graphic design students in colleges across the world are often called on to help develop advertising and marketing campaigns for local organizations. In some cases, city officials engage schools to obtain services free of charge. This relationship is mutually beneficial, allowing the students to practice their design and project management skills while providing necessary services to the organization. However, one group of students from YSU is asking their neighbors for help to fulfill their design for a business revitalization project in the downtown district.

According to WYTV reports, the students are unable to fund their project – a mural requested by city organizers:

(WYTV) Six graphic design students at YSU have created a mural they want to put up on the windows of the Youngstown Business Incubator in downtown Youngstown as part of the city’s revitalization.

The project is costly and the students are asking for the public’s help to raise the necessary funds.

John Slanina of the Youngstown Business Incubator said the students came up with the idea to improve the streetscape of downtown. He said when the students approached YBI with the pictures, they were “stunned” at what the students were proposing.

The mural is 70 vinyl panels measuring more than 300 feet long and will cover three storefronts. Slanina said 40 companies use the space in the three YBI buildings, and 13 have physical offices there, so the project will impact 350 employees.

The project’s theme is the “metamorphosis of downtown Youngstown” and the mural features bright, vivid colors depicting butterflies, flowers and the jungle.

The students are trying to raise $7,350 for the project by June 29 and as of Wednesday evening, they had $2,887 in pledges. Money has been collected from all over the world, Slanina said.

Slanina said if all the money is not raised, no…

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The Art Institutes and Adobe Announce Winners of the 2012 Print Design Competition

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Graphic Designer wins Adobe 2012 Student Design Competition

Few names are as common to graphic design students as ‘Adobe’. A recent contest for art and design schools allowed graphic design students at The Arts Institutes the chance to enter their own unique talents into a widely recognized competition. Adobe announced that a graphic design student in New York is this year’s big winner.

(PRNewswire via Market Watch) Inspiring artistic ingenuity and creativity, The Art Institutes & Adobe 2012 Student Design Competition challenged students currently enrolled at one of The Art Institutes schools to submit a print design, primarily created with Adobe software for the opportunity to win a prize package.

Patrick Egglinger, a student at The Art Institute of New York City pursuing an Associate in Applied Science in Graphic Design, was selected as the grand prize winner. His first-place entry is a poster design promoting a festival of student films.

“Egglinger submitted an entry that was outstanding on many levels,” said John Judy, a judge in the competition who is also the academic director of the Graphic Design program at The Art Institute of California, a college of Argosy University, Hollywood. “He demonstrated great use of multiple typefaces, hierarchy of type, composition and color – all around a stand out piece.”

Egglinger and his faculty sponsor for the competition, Simona Prives, will each receive an all-expense paid trip to the HOW Design Conference held on June 21-25, 2012 in Boston, MA. Egglinger will also receive a copy of Adobe® Creative Suite® Premium software and a Kindle Fire.

“I’m thrilled to be recognized, that my work speaks for itself,” says Egglinger, 21, of Jersey City, NJ. “The win also shows that I spend time on my work, learn…

Full press release: The Art Institutes and Adobe Announce Winners of the 2012 Print Design Competition

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Old Beer Gets New Face from Graphic Design Student

Studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Pittsburg lent to one student’s success in redesigning an old beer company’s label recently. Paige Sabedra is the student designer who won approval from Old Frothingslosh – an iconic brew in Pittsburg.

(TribLive) Paige Sabedra’s face graces the cans of a relaunched Pittsburgh beer icon, Olde Frothingslosh.

It’s not her own likeness that is associated with the local brew, but a face that she designed.

The design created by Sabedra, 19, of New Alexandria, was chosen by the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. to be the new face of the company’s Olde Frothingslosh beer, a novelty label associated with quirky humor and colorful characters. Sabedra’s stylized take on Sir Reginald Frothingslosh, a character used to market the brand in its early incarnation, was the winning entry in a logo contest sponsored by the company and The Orion Management Group, a Pittsburgh-based public relations firm.

Sabedra, who graduated from Derry Area High School in 2010, is studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Last summer, her technical design instructor offered students extra credit if they entered the contest, and Sabedra accepted the challenge.

Sabedra, who usually takes advantage of such contests to help build up her portfolio, worked on her logo ideas throughout September and entered her submission by fall’s end.

Through a series of e-mails at the beginning of December, Sabedra learned that she was not only a contest finalist, but also the first-place winner. Her design will now greet consumers of Olde Frothingslosh beer.

“I was excited,”?Sabedra said. “I?had never won a major contest like that before, and I?had entered quite a few in the past,” creating logos and posters for other local businesses.

Contest information provided by Pittsburgh Brewing included a history of the original beer and its previous label designs…

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Graphic Design Graduate Discusses School, Internship

Proving that sometimes a student’s education really begins after college, a Malibu high school graduate (now a graduate from a graphic design college) finds that much of her time is spent building a professional portfolio for grad school. Many students find that it takes many years of investment to reach higher career goals, but in the end they are usually worth it. Jessica Davis at Malibu Patch recently interviewed Lindsay Johnson about her decision to move to New York for graphic design school and what was coming next:

(Malibu Patch) Malibu’s Lindsay Johnson graduated from Skidmore College earlier this month and is hoping to pursue a career in design.

Malibu Patch caught up with Johnson, who is a Malibu High School alumni, and here’s what she had to say about her future plans:

Malibu Patch: What are your plans now that you have graduated? Do you plan on coming back to Mailbu?

Lindsay Johnson: I have a summer internship in New York City working with the external communications department at Robert A.M. Stern Architects, which I am excited about because it will let me blend my love of architecture with graphic and communication design. When that is over, my current plan is to stay in the NYC area for a bit and find opportunities, whether at a graphic design firm, magazine, or architecture firm, that will help me grow as a designer and build a strong portfolio for grad school.

I also have a passion for children’s books. I self published a series of children’s books centered around a young Claude Monet for my senior capstone and would love to find a way to have those actually published. It would be great to continue to write and illustrate children’s books. I will definitely be back to visit Malibu though. It is too beautiful to stay away from for long.

Malibu Patch: I understand you are a graphic designer. How has your time in Malibu influence your art?

Read all of Lindsey’s responses: Malibu High Grad Eyes Career in Design in NYC

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Graphic Design School Helps Raise Conservation Awareness

Graphic design students in Dubai recently showed off some of their newest designs. This time, they focused on water conservation and sustainability. Along with interior design and art students, the graphic design students worked on their part of the “We are Water Foundation” and began to put the designs up for display as early as March.

(PR Newswire) A prolific ceremony was held today to award the winners of the We Are Water Foundation GCC Student Design Contest. The regional competition was launched on the 22nd of March 2012, and requested Students of Art, Interior Design & Architecture faculties to design a poster on the relationship between Food and Water. ‘We Are Water Foundation’ is an initiative of Roca, which aims to raise awareness of water as a unique, limited resource, and aims to take action to minimize the negative effects of the lack of adequate water resources through education, health and research, and the construction of new infrastructures.

The ceremony was held at the newly launched facility of The Change Initiative, a 55,000 square feet facility dedicated to sustainable solutions for the home and at work. The awards ceremony raised awareness about the relationship between water and food and the need to reduce our water consumption through a display of a selection of the best Graphic Designs made by students of the faculty of Art, Interior Design and Architecture of the leading universities in the GCC.

Students from universities such as American University of Sharjah, Zayed University (Dubai/Abu Dhabi), Al Ghurair University, American University in Dubai, Ajman University of Science & Technology, Al Hosn University, British University in Dubai, and King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, have been invited to participate in the contest. The Heads of Faculties of Interior Design & Architecture of these universities have given their support to the… Read more at PR Newswire

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Graphic Design College a Must for Hiring Companies

A new report is showing the true value of a college degree, especially for technology jobs in graphic arts and those entrepreneurs eyeing an IPO in the near future. While some success stories begin with the lead character dropping out of school, most companies say they are hiring college graduates. For those who want to be paid top-dollar for graphic design work, college is a necessary part of the equation:

(Huffington Post) May 23, 2012 – …Beyond earning potential, a college degree can be a leg up in landing a job in California in the aftermath of a painful economic downturn. Companies emerging from a hiring slow-down are seeking the most qualified, prepared workers they can find. Employers can be selective, which is all the more reason to get a high quality education enriched with relevant real-world experience.

Today, CALinnovates, an advocacy group for California’s high-tech consumers, released a survey of technology employers that is good news for the 2012 class of college graduates. According to the survey, the technology community in the Bay Area believes that the economy is slowly turning around and 86 percent of survey respondents plan to hire 2012 college graduates. Fifty-five percent plan to hire more graduates than they did last year and only six percent of companies believe that economic conditions in the Bay Area will be worse in six months.

The survey reinforces the fact that high quality higher education programs are a critical to help the Bay Area to continue to anchor the innovation economy. For businesses to stay here, we need to provide them with a well-trained workforce. Companies responding to the survey drilled down further to say they are looking for job candidates with exceptional creative skills, be it graphic design capabilities, mobile app development experience, or a demonstrated innovative spirit. According to the CALinnovates’ survey, 91 percent of businesses consider creative ability valuable when evaluating who to hire.

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Graphic Design Inspires Student to Teach

Graphic design colleges can inspire students to change the world. One student found his passion for the art while attending a Texas College and was inspired enough to go back to school at another college. Now he teaches others the art of graphic design, a passion he shares with his students.

Inland Valley News – “My style is me and mine alone, creativity flows through this mind like a painter with a brush to canvas, smooth and effortless.” –Justin Robinson

Having a creative mind and being able to create things through visual arts is a gift, but being able to share that gift with others is more inspirational. The Inland Valley News is honored to introduce its readers to Justin Robinson, a young man who has been giving back to the community through graphic design.

Justin Robinson, 25, graduated from Diamond Ranch High School in 2005. He attended Mount San Antonio College where he received his Associates of Art degree in Fine Arts. He later transferred to the University of Redlands and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Arts. Robinson currently teaches graphic arts as a substitute, and recently signed a contract to be a permanent teacher and activities director at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles.

Robinson’s interest for graphic design started while he was at Mount San Antonio College where he was majoring in art. He came to the realization that everything from magazine covers, t-shirt designs, buildings and everything else is made by a graphic designer. “I wanted to challenge myself. Graphic design kept me going; it kept me excited and wanting to learn and do more,” Robinson said.

Not having a limit of what he designs, Robinson specializes in photo editing, logo design, website design, album covers, advertisement design, magazine layouts and everything else that you can think of. He is very versatile when it comes to graphic design.

Recognizing the importance of attending college, Robinson turned to one of his biggest inspirations… read more at Inland Valley News.

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Public Show Presented by Ohio Graphic Design Program

A college in Ohio is highlighting the work of graphic design students this month, allowing seniors the chance to exhibit their own brand of graphic design to the public. Graphic design exhibitions are common to colleges around the country. In the third and fourth year of college, students are preparing for this culminating event.

(Athens News) May 16th, 2012 – The Ohio University Art Gallery is hosting the opening reception for the College of Fine Arts Graphic Design undergraduate thesis exhibition, “Tangerine,” Tuesday from 6-8 p.m. in Seigfred Hall.

Tangerine will be open and free to the public from opening night through May 26 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. daily, showcasing individual thesis projects from nearly 20 seniors.

According to a news release, “Tangerine is a collaborative presentation of each artist’s approach to design thinking through identification of personal challenges, generation of novel approaches to problem solving as well as shaping meaningful experiences through graphic design research and experimentation.”

Tangerine exhibits traditional graphic design ingredients “while breaking into areas of non-traditional graphic interests through the design and construction of innovative shelving units, indoor plant modules with a focus on improving air quality, and an investigation into the relationship between perception and instinct as they apply to the psychology of graphic design… read more at Athens News.

According to the Ohio University’s graphic design program, “Understanding the role of graphic design within a pluralistic society and a cross-cultural context are essential components of a graduate design education.” By utilizing traditional graphic design principles and allowing students the freedom to inject their own spin on their art, schools prepare the future artists for challenges they may face after graduation. Art shows and exhibitions are often the first taste of real criticism and praise for students, making it a time of high anxiety and anticipation for seniors.

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Students Showcase the Multiple Roles of Graphic Design

Student graphic design exhibitions are all about exposure and, in some cases, the chance to really showcase the multi-faceted world of graphic design. On display and open to the public, major colleges allow students many chances to show-off their craft during their time in the school’s program.

A recent report by Parkland College illustrates the importance and impact of graphic design exhibitions and showcases the art created by talented students heading toward the job market:

(Prospectus News)  May 2nd, 2012 – From May 7 to June 14, the Parkland Art Gallery will begin the Parkland College Graphic Design Student Juried Exhibition. During this exhibition, students will be putting their works on display for a chance to win prizes and to be noticed by businesses and other groups. The event is open to the general public.

This exhibition is very important for the students who participate. In addition to the prizes available, participants gain exposure and add to their portfolios.

According to Parkland Art Gallery Director Lisa Costello, the pieces on display at the exhibition will be quite diverse.

“People who come to see the show should expect a wide variety of design projects,” Costello said. “There are web designs, posters, assignments about typography, map design and types of advertisements like billboards, magazines and signage. Other types of things include business cards, letterhead, menus and even product labeling. Designing Books is another really interesting thing to take a look at. We even have some of the books for sale. The proceeds go to graphic design awards for next year.”

According to Parkland’s Graphic Design website, some of the categories being awarded for are the Graphic Design Best in Show, the President’s Award in Excellence, the Davis Award for Outstanding Talent, the McGown Photography Award of Excellence, the David M. and… Read more at Prospectus News.

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Graphic Design Students to Impress at Art Exhibition

Student art shows are a great way for graphic design students to show off their skills and network with future employers and potential clients. This month, graphic design students and others taking art-related classes at an Ohio College are presenting their crafted art at an annual exhibition:

(PRWeb) May 3rd, 2012 – Virginia Marti College of Art and Design (VMCAD) of Lakewood, Ohio is pleased to announce the arrival of their 25th annual Student Art Exhibition, to be held at VMCAD on Friday May 11th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

The yearly event – which gives students in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Graphic Design, Digital Media and Interior Design the opportunity to display the technical skills and creativity they have been mastering in the art and design school’s five degree programs over the course of the academic year – features an astounding amount of artwork in various mediums from clothing and jewelry to short-form videos, painting & drawing, commercial advertisements, photography, display art and short films.

Adding to the excitement of the opening night event is the prize money that will be awarded to three winners in each of 7 art categories – Fashion Design/Illustration, Merchandising/Visual Display, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Drawing/Illustration, Digital Media and Photography – judged by practicing design professionals from the Northeast Ohio community who are independent of the art entrepreneurship school.

A Best of Show prize award of $500 will also be rewarded to one esteemed student, and Pat Catan’s Craft Centers will be giving each of the 7 First Prize winners a $50 gift certificate as well.

“The art show and prize money are the college’s grateful appreciation for all the students’ hard work and inventive design solutions they’ve produced all year long,” explained Patrick Melnick, Director of Art Student… see the full press release.

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