How to Find High-Paying Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic designers are among the highest earning art employees in the country. According to recent reports, graphic design school graduates can earn a median income of $40,000 or more with relatively little work experience. These types of graphic design jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but many schools offer advanced degrees in design as well. Because graphic designers are in high-demand … [Read more...]

Types of Companies that Hire Graphic Design Graduates

In graphic design schools, students learn how to take an idea and turn it into a visual illustration. So any type of company needing this type of service will hire graphic designers to fulfill the order. Some types of companies (marketing agencies, for example) retain full-time designers who graduated from a college program. Other companies hire graphic designers on a contract-only basis to … [Read more...]

Types of Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are responsible for nearly every image we see in print publications, online media, advertisements, and commercials. Most professionally produced videos and images are born of art created by an expert in graphic design. Graphic designers create logos, posters, product labels, movie and game art, special effects and more. Because the job of graphic designers is so broad and because … [Read more...]

After Graphic Design School: Acing Interviews for Jobs

If you are thinking about a career in graphic design, chances are you are looking at prospective colleges, trying to figure out scholarships and funding, and dreaming big about your future in the world of graphic design. While it is definitely important to ‘know your stuff’ when you head out into the job market, it is equally important to hone your interview skills. Graphic design jobs don’t … [Read more...]

Graphic Design School Courses: Getting Technical about Art

Students interested in computer simulated and hand-crafted arts often turn to graphic design colleges to help them break into a career doing what they love. Visual communications majors (including web and graphic design) are taught how to take their natural passion for art and turn it into a lucrative career through instruction on all facets of communications. As a technical term, “visual … [Read more...]

Are You Cut Out for Graphic Design School?

Deciding to go to graphic design school is a great choice – if you do it for the right reasons. The truth is: no matter what you choose to do with your life, you should enjoy what it is that you do. Graphic design is art intensive and requires constant attention to details that most people wouldn’t think about. However, graphic design school is all about those details – from how the slightest … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for Graphic Design School: Tips from the Pros

Preparing for graphic design school might make students think of college applications, financial aid forms, and choosing which school to attend. As it turns out, there is a lot more that you can (and perhaps should) do to prepare for a successful start at the graphic design school of your choice while also increasing your chances of being accepted by the school you want to attend. A recent … [Read more...]

Your Graphic Design School Portfolio

A portfolio of all of the designs you have created during your time in graphic design school is one of the most important items you will have when you graduate college. Second to a degree, the portfolio will show future employers and clients the kind of work they can expect from you and the level of your expertise in the art of graphic design. For this reason, many graphic design schools use … [Read more...]

Two Ways to Become a High-Paid Graphic Designer

There are few self-taught graphic designers, so most people rely on a quality program at an accredited graphic design school to learn the skills of the trade. By utilizing the resources available at a college or training program near you, there are two ways to become a high-paid graphic designer: through a long-term commitment to education or through a long-term commitment to work. In essence, … [Read more...]

How to Become an Advertising Graphic Designer

Graphic design schools are a great place to learn the art of advertising as it relates to graphic design. Nearly every piece of advertising we see on the internet, in the mailbox, at a retail outlet, on the television, and on billboards was created by a graphic design school graduate. It is a lucrative market that is highly competitive, but obtainable for students who complete an advanced graphic … [Read more...]