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Graphic Design Careers

Graphic design is technology driven, thus it is a fast-evolving industry.  Because of this, people with graphic design careers must always keep their skills and technical knowledge updated.  However, while the tools used by graphic artists may evolve the kind of work being done remains basically the same.  Graduates of graphic design can explore any of the following challenging careers:

Graphic Designers

Graphic artists who actually work on designing are hands-on designers.  A large corporation or graphic design agency may have junior and senior artists working together to create graphic designs for their clients and may have several ongoing projects at any one time.  Graphic designers are responsible for selecting the different elements of the design including color, size, sounds, artwork, typeface, animation and visuals.  The completed design is presented to the art director for final approval.

Some graphic designers choose a career outside of the corporate world as freelance designers working under their own name.  They usually work from home.  Being a freelance designer has its advantages and disadvantages.  As a freelancer, you can work from home and set your own hours.  You are also free to choose only those projects that interest you.  On the other hand, it can be difficult finding new clients especially if you are just starting out.  Working long hours and even on weekends to meet deadlines can also be tough.  However, there are many graphic designers who choose this career path because they like being independent and free from corporate structures.

Web Designers

A web designer is not simply a programmer who knows HTML or JavaScript.  Web designers design, build and maintain websites.  They also write, design and edit web page content.  Web designers must stay updated on the latest web technologies, programming practices and graphic design software to be able to provide the best possible service to clients.

Videogame Designer

This is one of the most fun and exciting graphic design careers.  Videogames rely heavily on graphics designs, new technical applications and animations to give players the best graphics.  The videogame design industry has plenty of opportunities for the right person.

Art Director

Art directors or creative directors are responsible for the overall design projects.  It is the job of the art director to review and approve the work done by graphic designers in the creative team.  They confer with clients, the creative department and production team to make sure that the clients’ needs are met.  Art directors work closely with clients and are responsible for their own accounts and budget.  They are often in charge of presenting the final product to the client once the project is completed.

Individuals with artistic skills and creative talents can have a rewarding career in graphic design.  It offers job opportunities for those who like to work on their own in front of the computer as well as for those who like to deal with clients and oversee the work in design projects.