Earning a Master’s Degree from a Graphic Design School

A master’s degree from an accredited graphic design school is a lot of work, but can pay off in big ways following graduation and landing that first job. A master’s degree in graphic design allows graduates to enter their profession at executive and managerial levels, as well as provides entry into educational fields. Graphic design graduates with this level of degree have reached the maximum in … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Classes: Learning Software

Second to artistic interest and talent, software may be the most important aspect of graphic design school. Classes in graphic design software are among the first classes a student must pursue in a graphic design degree program because the technology will be used throughout the course of the student’s education, as well as their career. There is no shortage of graphic design programs on the market … [Read more...]

Earning a Graphic Design School Degree Online

Online degree programs are becoming more popular with every graduating class and industries like graphic design are the ideal fields of study when it comes to earning an online degree. Graphic design schools offer loads of training about technology, concepts, artistic styles, marketing, and more. It is one of the few schools of art in which nearly 100% of the occupation requires digital rendering … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Careers

Graphic design is technology driven, thus it is a fast-evolving industry.  Because of this, people with graphic design careers must always keep their skills and technical knowledge updated.  However, while the tools used by graphic artists may evolve the kind of work being done remains basically the same.  Graduates of graphic design can explore any of the following challenging careers: Graphic … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Training

A graphic designer’s job is to create images, materials and designs that help clients communicate visually with the public.  Graphic designers must be creative and artistic but they also need graphic design training to provide them with the technical and theoretical knowledge required to have a successful career in design. Everywhere you look, you will see the work of graphic designers.  … [Read more...]

Graphic Design Schools: Are They Necessary?

To be a graphic designer, you have to be gifted with creative and artistic talents.  But your talents have to be honed and perfected, otherwise you will never realize your full potential.  You need a good graphic design school to hone your talent.  It will not be difficult to find and choose the right graphic design school if you have a well thought-out game plan. A good starting point is … [Read more...]