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Graphic Design College Students Create Learning Designs

A group of graphic design students from Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio recently learned through firsthand experience how fulfilling the job of a graphic designer can be.

The graphic design students coordinated with local teachers in order to create learning aids that were meant to keep lessons fun and educational for middle school students.

In what turned out to be a trip back in time, students from the graphic design college had to reach in to grab their own memories of early education to create the learning materials. Marietta College’s news publication said that senior Sean Kenny was completely satisfied watching nearly twenty eighth graders use a history game he had designed for them. But Kenny said it was a challenge.

“I have learned a lot from this experience. In a way, I was sort of going back to school myself in order to familiarize with the terms that I used for the game,” Kenny said in the school’s news article.

It is a novel idea, to team graphic design colleges with community-based education facilities to enrich the education of the next generation. It’s an idea that this graphic design college took to heart and it seems that it worked out well for both schools.

A Marietta Middle School teacher that worked with the graphic design college, Pamela Hart said, “I think the project should definitely continue. I think so many teachers would appreciate working with students who have these skills. Teachers frequently end up creating things for their schools or classrooms but don’t necessarily have those graphic design skills like the Marietta College students have.”

The credit for coordinating the event goes to Sara Always-Rosenstock, who says that Hart explained why the program is important and that they will continue with this effort in the future.

Graphic Design News

Graphic Design Students and Others Design a “SQUID” Shirt to Monitor Exercise Performance

Students in training for a career in graphic design took part in creating a unique article of clothing that make studying one’s body during physical activity possible without the aid of expensive medical equipment.

The “SQUID” shirt is a t-shirt outfitted with multiple sensors that are linked to an Android application and website that allows its wearer to study multiple facets of their physiology during exercise.

The SQUID shirt is the brainchild of students from multiple disciplines at Northeastern University in Boston, MA who set out to collaborate with students and experts in physiology and sports medicine to come up with the gadget. The prototype was designed with the help of graphic design school students, the engineering department, and several other applicable disciplines at the university.

The name of the equipment is not incidental according to a report from Northeastern University’s news site. Engineering major and senior Alex Moran is quoted saying, “The box and wires in our prototype looked like a torso and tentacles. We wanted to stay away from the normal engineering naming conventions and instead make something more brandable.”

The graphic design model illustration of the SQUID shows a man standing, facing his “audience”. His black t-shirt is affixed with four square sensors on the chest and four more wires appear to wrap around the shoulders and extend to the back of the torso. A small box where all of the wires convene can be seen on the graphic design, presumably hooked on the waistline of a pair of green shorts.

Graphic design school student Ali Aas was quoted on the school’s website stating that graphic design students had a lot of questions about the scientific side of the project and that they were ultimately able to design a concept that was “both visually impressive and also worked with what the engineers and our team were designing.”