Press Encourages Graphic Design Students to Explore Entrepreneurship

Students in graphic design schools are cautioned against limiting their talents to a specific genre of graphic design. says that the best way to win high-paying jobs is to branch out as a freelancer and build a great reputation as a graphic designer.


FLORIDA — April 18th, 2012 — As a leader in information resources, advises graphic design students that flexibility and the ability to offer a broader range of design services is essential to their future success. Thriving in other areas of design often requires professionals to be great in a niche part of their overall market, but Graphic-Design-Schools says that graphic designers need to remain very flexible – especially those who intend to own a business or work as an independent freelance graphic designer.

Beverly Lansing of says that graduate students need to be focused on learning all they can learn about their favorite part of the market but warns that there are repercussions for sticking to a specific aspect of the industry. “In graphic design schools, students learn to love what they do and are encouraged to choose the area that best suits them. The truth is, most graphic designers have the skills necessary to work in their preferred area of graphic design or to do work for a specific agency. The problem comes when limiting yourself to a niche also limits income potential,” she said.

There is on other catch according to Lansing: A well-paid graphic designer is first a great artist, but he is also an astute entrepreneur. “Professionals who are earning the most as independent graphic designers are those that cans step outside of their comfort zone and win the jobs that pay well. They are businessmen and women who market themselves as much as they market their clients.”

The labor department says that graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $40,000, but Lansing says that number isn’t representative of graduates who are starting a new business. It takes time to build a thriving business, but it may be well worth it in the end. Lansing also points to industry statistics that claim that graduates of graphic design schools have a tough time finding those jobs. “Not all graphic designers are constantly searching for work; flexible designers are great at all areas of design. Their clients know it, and they tell their friends about it. Given enough time, a good graphic designer can easily earn $70,000 a year by starting his or her own firm,” she said. brings together the best info on graphic design colleges, student life, and professionals in the graphic industry to help you make an informed decision about your career and education goals. All resources, including the graphic design school directory and helpful graphic design articles are presented as a free service to users. helps individuals considering graphic design careers find powerful information for success in college and beyond.

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