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Graphic Design Teacher Honored at AIGA Awards

A graphic design association will honor four leading industry pioneers in April at an award ceremony in New York; among them a Swiss graphic design school educator.

The AIGA will present Armin Hofmann with the AIGA Medal, a huge honor in the graphic design profession, at the Bright Lights: The AIGA Awards ceremony on April 19th in New York. Hofmann is being awarded the prestigious AIGA Me
dal for his role as a visionary work both as an artist and as an educator of artists and for his “immeasurable influence on generations of designers, teaching the power and elegance of simplicity and clarity through a timeless aesthetic, always informed by context” according to the AIGA press release.

As a professional of graphic arts, Hofmann’s body of work is expansive. He designed posters in the middle of the century for brands, theaters, and ballets among many other graphic design projects. He is best known for thoughtful use of typography, simplicity, and classic presentation of complicated (often controversial) subjects. He is an accomplished writer and artist who new generations of graphic designers attempt to emulate in their own provoking and innovative works.

Armin Hofmann is well-known and recognized among graphic designers for producing generation after generation of passionate and informed graphic designers. Many of his former students have now become graphic designers and educators at graphic design schools and are considered to be at the top of the game in their industries. During his vast career as an educator at graphic design schools, Hofmann taught at the School of Arts and Crafts (Zurich), Basel School of Arts and Crafts (Basel), Philadelphia College of Art (United States), and Yale University (United Stated) until he resigned in 1991.

The AIGA Medal will be presented to all four award recipients at the Altman Building in New York City, New York. Tickets are available to the pubic starting at $200.