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Graphic Design Schools Partner with Gallery for Exhibits

Graphic design schools work to create new artists in every conceivable form of art.

In some cases, the schools produce online publishing gurus who are savvy to the ways of the web, but in other cases graphic design schools collaborate to produce top notch concept artists, too.

A fine example of such collaboration is Drexel’s graphic design school and a Gallery in Philadelphia that recently coordinated to create a spectacular public display. “Art Ignites Change” is now on display at the Gallery at Market East and officially opened in December.

A senior student collaborated with other students of Drexel’s graphic design school to create the exhibit which depicts the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program as a timeline originating nearly thirty years ago. Randi Dean, the senior, and more than ten other graphic design students were assigned the project as part of collaboration with the city’s program, but only one design was chosen.

Dean’s design is the one currently on display and the graphic design student said she was surprised to be chosen in a report by The Triangle, a school publication. “It was surprising and exciting to have my design chosen, but with that came the nervousness of working with real clients and satisfying their expectations,” she said in the report.

Partnering with local art officials can help graphic design colleges propel students into a new career and bring attention to the hidden talents at their institutions. It can be a winning situation for all parties involved and is a creative solution in many communities.

The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program often taps into the talent at the graphic design school, according to Rees who said “This is not the first time we have worked with the program. They will come to us with exhibition needs, which we can then refine into assignments for the students to complete. It is like a business opportunity.”