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Persistence Pays for Unlucky UK Graphic Design School Student

A student at a graphic design school in the United Kingdom overcame the odds as she persevered through a traumatic event near the closing of her studies.

Tarneem Mousawi was attending online graphic design classes and only days away from completing her degree when the fire occurred in this December.

Mousawi took her course online in her home and was a resident on the top floor, where escape was impossible before her room filled with smoke from a fire on the lower floors of the building. She was rushed to a nearby hospital following the blaze and released the same day.

Unfortunately, she was unable to save her school work from the fire before being rescued. As a second year student nearing the completion of her graphic design school studies, Mousawi had decided to include a marketing class in her final curriculum and was very close to a submission deadline for her class work.

In order to complete her studies and graduate from the graphic design school, she had to use old files saved on a laptop she managed to scavenge from the smoky room. The staff from the graphic design school at the Interactive Design Studio, a Scottish institution, was very compliant to her situation. She was able to obtain an extension to complete her course work and qualify for on-time graduation – with honors.

This feat seemed to surprise the humble Mousawi, who told that she was so happy she had managed the degree following all of her challenges, but it didn’t surprise those at the school.

“Tarneem is a talented, hardworking student,” and “Everyone at the Interactive Design Institute was were well aware of her position and took steps to support her. However, she rose to the challenge and achieved an excellent degree against all odds,” said Fiona Crosbie, the Director of Student Admissions at the graphic design school.