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School’s Graphic Design Lecture Series in March

Teachers from acclaimed graphic design schools are coming together at a college in Fitchburg, MA to talk to students and the public about the influence and impact of graphic design and graphic arts on culture and the world around us.

The free Graphic Design Lecture Series will take place over the course of three events, spread out through March, April, and May of this year at Fitchburg State University.

Among the speakers are professors of graphic design from schools such as the Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts College of Art, School of Visual Arts at Boston University, who have won multiple awards in their respective fields of study. The first lecture in the series will be conducted by Clifford Stoltze, the winner of the design association’s 2005 Fellow Award and former AIGA Boston vice president.

Stoltze is well known in the graphic design industry for his passion for graphic designs relating to music and album art and will kick of the lecture series by presenting some of the music industry’s greatest graphic design accomplishments, including a few from his own company’s projects (Stoltze Designs). He will discuss his report, “LP2CD+: A Compilation of Design for Music”, which provides a look at more than forty years in graphic design for music.

The school’s April presentation will be hosted by Richard Doubleday that discusses cultural identity in graphic design. Doubleday conducts several ongoing project from his home at Boston University where he is seeking to create an impressive body of work relating to the cultural impacts and connections to graphic design and cultural diversity in General.

The graphic design lecture series at the school will wrap up in May with a presentation by Alston Purvis, American graphic designer, artist, author, and school professor. Mr. Purvis is schedule to discuss the last 100 years of innovation in Dutch poster designs.