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Graphic Design Students Premier Artwork at School Gallery

Students in a school teaching vocational courses in the arts, including graphic design and general art, are hosting a showcase exhibit at their school this month.

Some of the students of Scotts Valley High School are also participating in an International Baccalaureate program at the school, where the dual enrolled students and others have the culmination of their years in the art program on display.

The graphic design work and other forms of art will be on display at the school through April, but on last Friday, the students hosted a meet and greet between the artists (themselves) and their admiring public.

The dual enrolled students in the graphic design program at the school had to opportunity to discuss their motivation for their artistic creations. The sessions served as a pre-test for the IB students who will soon take an hour-long exam as part of the dual enrollment program. (Students in dual enrollment are earning college and high school credits simultaneously.)

The event was coordinated by the art teachers at the school and exhibited the work of students in the school’s Art I and II classes in addition to the IB student submissions. Many of the presented works had been in process for several years and represent all of the skills students have learned throughout their time at the school.

While the non-IB students were given open ended projects to be build to a certain specification, the dual enrolled students were allow to be more creative with their designs.  College level courses in graphic design and art are more focused on project management and creativity, so there was plenty of room for artistic expression among those students. According to other reports of the event, teachers say that many of the students are enthusiastic about their studies and some intend to attend a graphic design college.