School offer New Graphic Design Class Programs

Colleges offering graphic design classes typically offer a minimum certificate program and higher levels of degrees to students and one such college is taking the step to offer new graphic design programs to students in the area.

McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL recently announced that it will offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree as well as three certificates in graphic design.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, graphic design schools are preparing students for a growing industry. The average wage for a graphic design is $20.92 per hour or $43,500 annually.

The new programs at this school are expected to prepare students for careers in graphic design, art direction, art education, multimedia and animation, and all other careers relating to the arts. The degree program can be completed in 2-years by full time students and prepares students for all forms of graphic design and communication.

Ancillary classes are standard to the type of degree being offered and include subjects such as English Composition, Speech and Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Ethics, Interpersonal Communication, Computer Literacy and electives.

Graphic design classes will include a vast array of specialized courses to prepare students for a career in graphic design. Those include subjects such as internet technology, typography, color and art theory, portfolio design, the history of graphic design, digital drawing, and animation. Student will also need to purchase and take classes on graphic design software programs such as Adobe Design Suite.

Students in graphic design also take classes that focus on web design since the majority of graphic designers work on web based projects. The degree program at the school will also include training in web design and principles of advertising, to include web design aesthetics, scripting, logic, and programming languages.


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    School offer New Graphic Design Class Programs…

    Graphic design classes are being scheduled for new degree programs at a Crystal Lake area college….