How to Find High-Paying Graphic Design Jobs

Graphic designers are among the highest earning art employees in the country. According to recent reports, graphic design school graduates can earn a median income of $40,000 or more with relatively little work experience. These types of graphic design jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but many schools offer advanced degrees in design as well.

Because graphic designers are in high-demand throughout the country, the best way to earn a high-wage position is to put in a lot of time with a successful design company or to launch a private company. Even so, some experts in the industry state that finding the highest paying graphic design jobs may rely more on location than skill.

According to one report (The Best American Cities for Artists and Designers), there are 25 cities that are prime real estate for those hunting for a graphic design job that pays well. Here are the top 5:

“5. Salt Lake City

Offering better employment conditions than most other large cities, Utah’s biggest city boasts the lowest unemployment rate boosting it right near the top. Many designers are employed here per capita for its growing tech industry. The cost of living in Utah is reasonable and….

4. San Antonio

The second largest city in Texas, San Antonio has one of the most solid salary to cost of living ratios in the country and has seen the lowest change in unemployment rate since the onset of the recession. Its projected job growth is extremely promising and consistently high ……

3. Bridgeport

Bridgeport is a thriving multicultural city located right on the water of Long Island Sound in the southern part of Connecticut. Its great location and proximity to other cities such as New York and Boston make Bridgeport a wonderful city to live ….

2. Newark

Newark, New Jersey is a skip away from New York City, the creative hub of the country. But it is a bargain to live in compared to Manhattan’s cost of living. Newark boasts top pay in the professions of fashion design, graphic design, and art. It has a rich cultural heritage of its own. So if you want to be close to the center of things but can’t quite afford to do it in style, Newark is a great ….

1. Austin

Austin tops our list with robust projected job growth and one of the lowest changes in unemployment rate since the onset of the recession. The city has enjoyed a recent explosion of high-tech entrepreneurism. Animators in Austin are some of the highest paid in the nation. A “best cities” list ….

To read more about these and all 25 cities: The Best American Cities for Artists and Designers

Graphic Design News

Graphic Design Careers Still Promising for Students

The Department of Labor forecasts continued job demand for students who choose to go to graphic design school for a specific type of graphic design job.

In their report, graphic designers mostly work in specialized disciplines, with either marketing companies, print companies, or other types of publication companies.

The United States Department of Labor had good news for graphic design schools, too. Graphic designer schools should continue to fill programs according to the Department of Labor’s 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook.

The report made another point that graphic design schools should have taken note of: fewer graphic design students were actually working in design fields relating to web and computer system design, but the need for these specializations were expected to rise by last year.  Some graphic design schools started offering cross training in the last 2 years, integrating the art of graphic design with the art of web design. Other designers were expected to find opportunities in marketing and communication.

Many designers choose to be freelance agents in addition to their full time job. Graphic design schools undoubtedly touch on the topics of web design and running an independent company. Freelance graphic designers need to know business beyond client specifications and the job of design itself. Special business courses are offered at many major colleges, but some technical institutions may fail to recognize the importance of business studies during graphic design schooling.

In any case, the new report from the DoL is expected to be released at the end of March, 2012. Graphic design schools and students will be interested to know if the 13% prediction for an increase in job demand will rise or remain the same. At the time of the last report, they predicted that the need for web design that included mobile applications and other technologies would rise as well.