Graphic Design and Print Classes Save School Money

A school will begin offering graphic design and print classes next year in an effort to save money in the school district.

Hawkins High School in Longview, TX will offer the classes thanks to the Hawkins School Board who decided that the advantages of offering classes in printing will be beneficial to students and the school.

The school board met in February to look into the benefits and details of such a program, which includes banner production, t-shirt designs, illustrations, and graphic design class work. They decided that this in-house setup would ultimately reduce costs because school faculty and organizations could use the services instead of paying an outside vendor for printing and graphic design.

A new report by the Big Sandy-Hawkins Journal described some of the ways the school would benefit from graphic design and illustration print classes. Clubs on campus can buy graphic designs and printed items from the school’s Print Shop class while supporting the education points that the students in the classes will need to cover.

High schools around the country are beginning to see the benefits of offering vocational types of classes as part of the curriculum for students. Students of graphic design classes at vocational high schools, for example, help with many types of community projects and the benefits in those areas reach far beyond the confines of the school. The entire community can benefit in the short-term and in the future.

Student who study career skills are more likely to become constructive members of the community as they learn their trade and the significant impacts they can have on the conditions and services in their city. Vocational students in graphic design classes in high school are more likely to go into a college in the community, as well.