VT Muse 10-Inch Touch Screen Graphic Tablet (Black)

VT Muse 10-Inch Touch Screen Graphic Tablet (Black)

VT Muse 10-Inch Touch Screen Graphic Tablet (Black) Rating:
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Product Description

VisTablet Muse is the newest precision tablet on the market with battery free and cordless pen technology for your Mac or PC and manufactured for all serious designers, artists, photographers and digital content creators. The VT Muse is a hands-on tool that provides the finest and most accurate results for all your digital creations and is the finest pen tablet experience that we have ever offered. The Express Keys activate your personalized shortcuts for each and every application while the finger touch digitally resistive rings allow the most precise and accurate control for scrolling, zooming, brush size, rotation or layer selection. The VT Muse is an indispensable tool in combination with all your digital applications and reduces working time in half compared to users without a tablet. It comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Mac and 7.0 for PC. The VT Muse gives you unlimited possibilities with your artwork and creations. Along with the capabilities of a graphic tablet, the Muse has the ability to be used similar to an artist’s canvas. The extreme tilt angle of the battery-less pen allows you to paint digitally in a way that is only rivaled by a paintbrush and canvas because it works with design programs like Corel to use the thickness, darkness and hue cursor on the program as though you are pressing actual brush on real paper or canvas. System requirement: Mac OS X 10.4 and above Windows OS: XP / Vista / Windows7.


  • Illustrator: VisTablet Muse provides fine and natural looking results for figure objects in any sketches; This is a useful tool in combination with Drawing Application Software
  • Photo Editing: VT Muse provides advanced function keys that can reduce working time in half for designers without a tablet; It comes bundled with Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Mac and 7.0 for PC
  • 3D Design: Work easily by adding or deleting points and faces with the VT Muse; Drag object or even detach parts from the object and most importantly, you can work freely from different directions on the object surface
  • Artist's Painting: VT Muse is a drawing board for artists and you can work anywhere and anytime without preparing lots of painting tools or materials
  • Page layout Design: VisTablet Muse offers new functionality from page layout and system integrators, you may easily add pictures, photographs or diagrams into your creations.