Character Modeling for Production

Character Modeling for Production

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In this DVD, Ian shows you the tools and techniques he uses to quickly create a full character model in 3ds Max, leading you through the basic character production pipeline used at Blur Studio. He takes you through the process of building clean geometry using Max's built-in toolset as well as using the PolyBoost plugin. Ian shows how to easily enhance objects with ZBrush, and how to quickly find the form and detail of your character. From there he demonstrates how to bring the geometry back into Max to make it animation friendly by retopologizing. After the model is finished, Ian covers how to set up hair using Hair FX as well as how to set up lights, cameras and a simple rig using Biped to pose and render the character. Finally, using Adobe Photoshop®, Ian discusses how to present the character in a professional manner. This DVD is intended for artists with a basic understanding of polygon modeling in Max, but is useful to anyone regardless of skill level or software. In this DVD Ian uses: Max, PolyBoost, ZBrush, BodyPaint and Photoshop®.


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