The Big Book of Graphic Design (Big Book (Collins Design))

The Big Book of Graphic Design (Big Book (Collins Design))

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Product Description

The Big Book of Graphic Design is the independent, international, and indispensable collection of graphic design from around the world.

The work is grouped into seven categories:

Corporate design
Design for the arts
Design for music
Design for education
Editorial design
Self promotion

So, if you're looking for some ideas when designing a company brochure, go to Corporate Design. Need a theater poster? Look in Design for the Arts. Got a new band that could use some CD packaging? Browse through the wealth of design work for the music industry. But why stop there? Have a look at everything. You might find someone's educational design solution shows an approach that could work on your editorial project. Or how about some unfettered self-promotion? Bound to be something there!

In a hurry? Go straight to the illustrated index at the back for stamp-sized snapshots of every piece of work in the collection, cross-referenced to the page on which they appear in the book. Each entry is listed with the designer's names, so you can check the index for contact details. It's that easy!

So, who is this book for? It's for you! You who take inspiration from cutting edge examples of work, you who want to find a designer, you who just can't get enough of that international, independently sourced, and indispensable graphic design!

So, take a look. Go on. Don't be shy. Enjoy!


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